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Natty King Reveals Where He Got Inspiration For His ‘No Guns To Town’ Hit Song


natty king4From drawing on your own experiences and emotions to creative writing exercises, there are many methods to the songwriting game.

Jamaican Raggae Artist Natty King drew his inspiration from an experience that made him come up with his song ‘No Guns to Town’ .

Natty King says it came a time when Jamaican Politicians forced people living in shanties to vote for for them.

Speaking in an interview with Ghetto radio Natty King was against the offer and instead told them off saying he was not in a position to vote for a politician given his culture as a Rastafarri.

“I told them I am a rasta and could not vote for a politician but for Haille Sellassie.They got upset with what I said,they drew a knife and attempted to cut down my locks” He says.

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“That’s why I sang don’t boast around,no intimidation.That is how the song came about”

Natty King however says the world is ugly and urges the youth to shun away from crime.

“Ghetto youth be careful no crime no guns ok,show love.Love your brothers,sisters and neighbours just as you love yourself”

Meanwhile Natty King says fans should expect great performance at the ‘Tambua Eastlado Raggae Concert’ this Saturday.