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  • Nazizi weighs in on deception and ill motive from family and close friends at the hour of need
  • She alleges that when her brother, Firoz was dying his closest friend stole from him and still grieved with the family
  • Firoz died in a grisly road accident on 16th December 2006

The first lady of hip hop and the half of dancehall group, Necessary Noize, Nazizi Hirji has weighed on deception and ill motive from family and close friends who sell you out without bulging an eye.

Taking to her Instagram, the former radio host went back in time alluding to the Bible,in the story of Jesus and Judas as the latter who was a close confidant and one of Jesus’s disciples sold him out for a few coins.

She went further and noted that, it’s the people you call family that stab your back.

“So many important life lessons were put in place for us from the beginning of time.

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Look at the story of Jesus and is such an important lesson everyone must learn. It is the people who you sit with and break bread with, your closest friends and even your family,who will switch on you without a second thought and still look you in the eye and say it wasn’t me, I didn’t sell you out,” wrote Nazizi.

It’s at this point that the Bless my room singer touched on the demise of his late brother, Firoz stating that one of his closest friend’s stole from him while he was dying and went to the extent of grieving with the family as if he had done nothing.

“Reminds me of a story from when Firoz passed away and a good friend of his stole from him while he lay there dying and looked us in the eye at the funeral and said we will find who stole from Firoz. He even cried with us at the funeral” she summed up partly

Firoz Died In 2006

Nazizi’s brother,Firoz hirji died in 2006 at the age of 23 in a grisly road accident.

He was one of the founding members of CMB(Cash Money Brothers) with rapper CMB Prezzo.

At the time of the accident,Nazizi was away in a music tour in Germany.

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