The National Olympic Committee of Kenya (NOCK) is pleased to announce that Alexandra Ndolo, a renowned fencer, has received official confirmation and approval from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to represent Kenya at the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Ndolo, who previously fenced for Germany, made the decision to switch her nationality to Kenya, and her recent remarkable feat of becoming the African Champion has solidified her place in Kenyan fencing history.

She had accused the Kenyan government of not supporting her dream of competing at the Olympics.

“I have traveled to many competitions without my coach & not once taken a physio with me. For a fencer of my caliber this is not just unusually, it is unheard of.

Despite this I have completely exhausted my recourses & built up a debt that is quite frankly threatening my existence. Contrary to the common Kenyan idea of people living in Europe I am not a rich muzungu that has bottomless pockets & can therefore be taken advantage off.

I can’t afford to promote fencing in Kenya, assure visibility for the young Kenyan athletes, the young Kenyan coaches & provide results for the officials whilst getting no support whatsoever,” She lamented.

She said this as she revealed she had reached her financial limits in funding herself to many competitions to represent Kenya and was now drowning in debt.

She is the first Kenyan fencer ever to achieve this extraordinary accomplishment, bringing pride and inspiration to the nation.

The International Olympic Committee’s communique’ regarding Ndolo’s eligibility to compete for Kenya at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games marks a significant milestone in her career. NOCK will do its best to support Ndolo on her qualification pathway to the Olympic Games.

Alexandra Ndolo’s exceptional talent, dedication, and determination have set her on a remarkable journey towards Olympic glory.

As Ndolo represents Kenya on the world’s biggest stage, her participation will not only showcase the country’s growing prowess in fencing but also serve as an inspiration to aspiring athletes across the nation. Her achievement highlights the endless possibilities and the extraordinary potential within the Kenyan sports landscape.

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