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Nelson Havi arrested for assaulting LSK CEO Mercy Wambua


Law Society of Kenya President Nelson Havi has been arrested for allegedly assaulting LSK’s CEO Mercy Wambua.

Havi was picked at his office today by DCI Detectives over the assault that happened yesterday.

Wambua claims that Havi physically and verbally assaulted her while attending a meeting.

She yesterday filed a report at the Muthangari Police Station.

“I feel harassed, I feel bullied and my hand is actually painful as we speak my finger can’t actually stretch and am headed to the hospital,” said Wambua.

Wambua claims that on Friday Havi had threatened to assault her only for him to do it yesterday.

LSK Boss Neslson Havi has however denied the claims saying that the CEO was asked to leave the office peacefully.

“She attempted to attend the meeting of the council and as my three council members have informed you, she sought to interrupt the meeting where after she was asked to leave and when she insted to continue with an online meeting, I told her to leave the meeting, I closed her lap top openeed the door, where after she stood up and went,” stated Havi.

Wambua and Havi’s disagreement began in 2020 and has in turn affected operations at the society.