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Netizens attack B-Classic for chasing clout


Netizens on social media have attacked Kenyan musician B- classic for chasing clout to promote a new music he is about to release.

This is after he announced on social media that he is quitting music because of lack of support from Kenyans.

Fans attacked him claiming that he has joined the list of artists who chase clout in order to promote their music.

“Drop the song we shall share no need of using motor oil on your face 😂😂😂,” wrote krgthedon.

“Hii kiki kabisa yan namsikia manager wako akuuliza maswali umejarib lakini @kenrelbis,” wrote iamalmacisse.

The musician had posted a video while in the garage claiming that he has stopped singing because of lacl of support.

The ‘mi nawe’ hit maker claimed that Kenyans do not support him because they do not even share his song even if it a hit.


“Ndugu yangu mimi nimeona tu nirudi garage unajua hii ndio kazi nilianza nayo. Kwa sababu nimeona wakenya hawataki kukusupport hawataki kukushow love. Unafanya ngoma kali lakini hata unaona hawataki ata kushare ngoma yako,” said B-classic.

He further said that he hopes that him going back to the garage will open doors for him in order to make ends meet.

“Naona ni bora tu nirudi tu zangu gareji niendele na maisha yangu ya kawaida. Naamini hii siku moja itanitoa ata inipeleke ulaya niukuwe mekanika mkubwa na nitembee nchi nyingi sana,” he added.

The attack has not surprised people because most artists chase clout by cheating Kenyans in order to promote their songs.