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  • Netizens have marveled at Khaligraph’s mansion in a new video doing rounds on social media.
  • The rapper has been sharing the construction journey on his social media networks.
  • Other celebrities who have also shared their journey’s in putting up a home are Mr. Seed and Mulamwah among others.

Netizens are continuing to marvel at Khaligraph’s mansion in a new video that’s doing rounds on social media.

In the new video, the burly rapper is captured walking past his towering mansion.

Though not yet ready, it looks like it’s in its final stages.

Its white painting stands out despite a few areas still needing work.

The top to bottom glass walls further makes it glowing adding the kingly appeal.

A worker is also captured doing some touches on the temporary iron-corrugated fence.

At a distance following Khaligraph in his strides are  two men seemingly blown away by the mansion’s magnificence.

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The icing on the cake is the background music, Asante his new collaborative piece with Tanzania’s Kusah.

Indeed, saying ‘thank you’ to the higher being for the blessings witnessed helps in creating more and more wins.

“Nasema asante kwa wema wote ukarimu wako ndio umefanya mi nisikose, victory ushanipea in full doses and I recover even when I take my losses especially life ikiniseti kwa corner neno lako ndio huwa naketi nasoma” partly goes his lyrics.

Khaligraph’s mansion seems like a scene taken from those Bollywood movies oozing opulence and class.

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Fans Reactions

It’s not the first time for netizens to have a glimpse of Khaligraph’s ongoing construction works.

The Mazishi rapper has been sharing his construction journey on his social media networks.

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However, the latest video gave an eyesight of the final touches.

Fans have shared their excitement over the rapper’s odyssey in becoming a homeowner.

We sampled a few of their reactions below.

“Hii keja sasa ukishadishi huko down ukienda kudoz 4th floor umeshaskia kinenge tena Omollo hii ni mall buana Godspeed lakini ametuonyesha ni possible” fired Breeder Lw.

“Ni kubwa kushinda state house ya Tanzania” shot a fan.

“We clap for others until it’s our turn” wrote another fan.

Other celebrities who have also shared their construction journeys on social media platforms are Mulamwah and Mr. Seed among others.

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