Popular TikToker Chef Sueh Owino has once again left netizens talking after she filmed herself travelling all the way from Nairobi to Mombasa just to prepare some breakfast for her husband.

The self taught chef who in almost all of her videos, records herself preparing meals for her husband, this time round went all out for her man and she can be seen packing her suitcases as she is getting ready to embark on her trip to the coastal town of Mombasa.

Sueh’s narration from the now viral post mentions that her husband was craving some Swahili breakfast and in her determination she set out on the trip to ensure that her husband got what he wished for.

Moments after her arrival, she can be seen cruising in the market as she gets all the items needed to prepare  her hubby’s Swahili breakfast.

Sueh then spends most of the day preparing the coastal delicacies including samosas, spiced fried potatoes (Viazi karai), maandazi and rice cake (mkate wa sinia).

While reacting to the video, netizens mostly women expressed the pressure the TikTok chef was putting them under with her exemplary culinary arts skills.

Some of their male counterparts also termed Sueh’s cooking skills as “Unfair competition”. We sampled some of the reactions down below:

Wangeshi Ke: My sister resssssssssssssssttttttt

Ann B: I was almost catching up with cooking but sasa kuenda kupikia Coast

Governor Munene: There should be a cooking regulatory authority to control this unfair competition.

Muyu Ke: Flight to make breakfast abi?? Are you okayy

Kelky Kev: Sueh at this point marry me and my wife

Jaber: Sueh anazidi kuset standards

Watch the video down below




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