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  • Netizens react to breakup rumors between You Tuber’s Eve Mungai and boyfriend, Trevor.
  • Trevor has deleted all his photos with Eve Mungai and is said to seeing another woman.
  • The couple was involved in an accident on Christmas which saw their car written off and had acquired a German machine.

There seems to be trouble in paradise after Eve Mungai’s boyfriend, Director Trevor deleted all her photos from his Instagram. The couple is said to have broken up and no longer sees eye to eye.

Eve is also said to have followed suit but our paparazzi revealed spotting a few of the couple’s photos.

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According to a source, Trevor is already seeing another woman. It was further disclosed that Trevor and his new flame ushered in the New Year at Christina Shusho’s “Shusha Nyavu” concert.

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Fans Reactions

Eve and Trevor’s breakup rumor is traveling like wildfire while attracting reaction after the other.

Some are drawn that the couple was never meant to be from the word go while others think that the couple is clout chasing.

There are also those affirming the breakup through Trevor’s recent hint of adopting a son. Eve’s infertility has been brought to question in recent days with many pointing fingers at her.

We camped on social media and sampled a few.

“The clear eveidence; Eve Mungai is partially infertile as to why Trevor came clear to say he’s highly in need of adoption”

“Hawa nyota ilikataa”

“This was long overdue… an empowered woman is always a threat to a meek male kujeni mnichape”

“Clout chase kiasi hapa na pale mambo ikuwe best in the world”

Eve Mungai and Trevor were recently involved in an accident which saw their car written off.

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However, in a show of might the couple soon unveiled a German machine.

Eve and Trevor are among Kenya’s leading You Tuber’s having built their empire from scratch.

One of the notable figures who foresaw the death of Eve and Trevor’s affair is none other than fellow You Tuber and content creator, Andrew Kibe.


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