Musician Chris Mosioma alias Embarambamba has found himself on the wrong side of Kenyans after dedicating a hit to former Minister of Education, the late George Magoha.

While Kenyans continue to send their messages to the late Magoha’s family, gospel musician Embarambamba has released a song to honor the late professor.

The song, which was released just a day after the professor’s death, has left many Kenyans expressing different feelings.

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Embarambamba asks in disbelief if the former education CS has really departed as he wonders how he is going to cope with his death.

“Wacha kunyamaza hivo Magoha. Wacha kulala hivo Magoha. Unataka kurudi kwa udongo. Amekufa Magoha nifanyaje? Ukweli umekufa Magoha?” sang Embarambaba next to a well, donned in a blue suit with polka dots.

Magoha passed away on Tuesday after suffering a cardiac arrest.

Here are some of the reactions from netizens;

Anko  Felix  Aky Embarambamba unatuagusha hapa aky… we are mourning men . Rest in peace Cs Magoa

Wycliffe Morumbe   I think Embarambamba needs to see a psychiatrist urgently before it gets out of hand

Biko  This should be punishable, @youtube kindly do something about this, We are failing as a nation

Caroline    I blame camera man na mwenye anafanya shooting u need to be questioned.

By Stella Anyango

January 29, 2023

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