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Netizens Roast Juacali and his Bouncers


By Steve Osaka

The undisputed king of Genge Music Juacali, has received backlash from a section of netizens after he shared a picture of himself and his mean looking security detail entering a club.

The Bidii Yangu hit maker was apparently making an entry to a city club for a performance a fortnight ago.

The picture of Juacali drew a lot of hate from a section of netizens with some describing them as shaggy and lacking class.

This was in contrast to their boss Juacali who was all swaged up.

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“Huyu wa mbele ndio ako job lakini face ako nayo anakaa ku organise crime”wrote Tunalis Mgenge.

.”Uyo jamaa wa left ukimlipa mshahara ya this month mwambie akumbuke kubuy belt mpya na tie”Wrote Ree Cardo.

“Aii hawo nawaangusha na mabare” were comments from Kaunda Manundu.

However, their were those who praised the Star and downplayed the mishap.

“Safi saaaaana genge master” Wrote Dennis James