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Netizens Troll Vera Sidika As She Announces Brown Mauzo Tatooing Her Name


Kenyan Socialite and entrepreneur Vera Sidika has yet again suffered heavily from trolls by netizens after she revealed her name being inked by her husband Singer Brown Mauzo as a sign for his undying love.

Taking to her Facebook page, the controversial socialite shared a photo of Brown Mauzo flaunting the freshly inked tattoo’s on his biceps around the underarms.

 “My husband has tattooed my name on his arms to prove his love for me. Best husband ever. ❤️❤️” Captioned Vera.Soon comments started flying in with many reminding her that tattoos cannot be used to measure one’s affection. “???? he is preparing the tears he needs them to be premium ” Shot one user.

 ” ????????? Earth is earth walai ??????? who told you that tattoo is the prove of your love ?‍♀️Even your former husband composed a song and later he dedicated it for you, but still mliachana tu. So tatoo ni kama kupiga uwiiiiiii????? it’s just a normal thing lol ??????”fired another user.

Brown Mauzo Suffers Same Fate

On the other hand, Brown Mauzo also took to his social media pages where he started by sharing out a shot clip while undergoing the tattooing process.” The love I have for my wife got me tattooing her name on my arm ?this is for you baby @queenveebosset❤️❤️❤️I LOVE YOU!!!” Wrote Mauzo. He later went ahead and shared the complete artistry on his arms which was welcomed with heavy comical condemnation.already some had ideas how Mauzo will fix it incase of separation.” Incase kiumane just edit to Veve saidia” wrote one fan, “Mkiachana unajua itabaki aje ” Vera huwezi Saidika “was a comment from another fan.

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Examples Of Celebrities Who Had To Erase Tattoos When Love Died

Love is a beautiful thing and makes lovers do crazy things however, when things head down south, they tend to erase the bitter memories once shared.In neighbouring Tanzania,Singer Harmonize had to erase Bongo actress Frida Kajala’s innitials ‘K’ with his stables name ‘Konde Gang’. Kajala too changed Harmonize innitials ‘H’ to Hebrew huh?. Internationally Singer Rihanna also changed her matching ‘Shark’ tattoo with rapper Drake and so was movie Star Angelina Jolie erasing Billy Bob’s tattoo when their relationship became sour. Would you tatoo for love? Share your thoughts.


By Steve Osaka.