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“Never blame a man for ruining your life” Akothee to Ladies


Controversial singer Esther Akothee popularly known as Akothee has sent out a special message young ladies.

According to Akothee, young ladies should avoid blaming men for impregnating them then bolting.

The Sweet Love hit singer revealed that she turned down several requests from men before that would have made her a mother to so many kids.

“Never blame a man for ruining your life, your life is in your hands and the power is in between your legs, engage your brain and disconnect your heart for now, and think straight ??? A man can impregnate up to 100 women in a year, but 100 women can only get pregnant once a year! So as a woman, having a child is basically your choice, in this age and era there is no accident in getting pregnant! If so, all slay queens including me, would be pregnant by now, just imagine if all the men i dated convinced me to have a child for them after oyoo ????‍♂️?‍♂️ i would end up with a whole nursery school, me that is fertile like a chicken ?‍♂️?‍♂️so after oyoo fullstop,’ she wrote in part.

Akothee went ahead to ask ladies to make sure they have invested well before settling to have a child.

“If you want a child, then invest first, i have no time to chase you around from one court to the other, from another lawyer to a counselor, it’s better to tell you no now, than to chase you later ,you telling people how i have never moved on, and i want you back ?‍♂️?‍♂️,nop, there is no baby mama who ever moves on as long as we have a child with you, responsibilities never moves on until the child attains an age where he can fend for himself?, its a lie, we just. Put on a strong face, but that thing hits badly below the belt ??, we baby mommas of old days, we are very intelligent, so dont come with i want a baby thing with us, this is a narrative, let the narrative be and enjoy the time ❤❤ let it come from us, and most of the time we are joking just to make you comfortable ???, nowadays, we dont fear being dumped, we fear getting pregnant, infact we are afraid haki, we can pick the next tom dick or harry, but none will ever replace the biological parent.” she added