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New Culture Of Welcoming International Stars To The 254.

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Is it just me or has it become a culture to have a scandal at our airports every time an international star visits?
Remember Koffi Olomide’s visit to Kenya. The singer was recorded on video descending on a female dancer with blows and kicks.
The result, memes and a hashtag calling for Koffi’s deportation from Kenya.
This one sparked outrage from KOT who threatened to boycott Koffi’s show and eventually got what they wish for.
Then came the Chris Brown saga. A female fan claimed Chris baba RoRo broke her phone when she tried to take a selfie with him. This however had different opinions from KOT with some taking sides with Chris Brown and others siding with the said fan.
And now ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to our new guest in town. The one man on the receiving end of our “greetings” is the son of legendary singer Bob Marley. Damian Marley arrived in the country yesterday and as it is African culture to welcome our guest, he was “welcomed” by radio personality Chiko Lawi.
Damian is claimed to have brushed off a fan because he was too tired. This resulted into Lawi’s intervention but he claims the singer verbally abused him. Lawi went on a rant and recorded himself abusing Damian. Funny but as Lawi says he is a big fan and will attend the singer’s show either way.

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