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New forms of theft devised by thugs in matatus

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Thugs in Nairobi have devised new modes of stealing from unsuspecting Kenyans after their old tricks were caught up with time.

Victims of the new wave of crime say that in the new mode, the thugs work with conductors inside the matatus who tell you that the door is not properly locked.

They then ask you (the passenger seated next to the door) to open the matatu door and lock it again.

It is while in the process of unlocking and locking the door that your phone gets stolen.

“Tafadhali hio mlango haijajifunga fiti,hebu fungua kisha ufunge tena… .” Walinishow buda hio mlango haijajifunga poa,hebu fungua tena ufunge vipoa” claimed one victim.

The victim says that once he realized that his phone was missing he raised the alarm only to be told that the phone fell down while he was closing the door.

“Baadaye sioni simu yangu,konkodi akasema ameona kitu ikianguka apo nyuma nishuke nikaangalie wananingojea” he added.

The moment he alighted to check,the matatu vanished into oblivion.

Another victim, Shadrack also underwent the same ordeal in his narration to this Station.

Story By Steve Osaka


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