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New kid on the block Azziad Nasenya’s rate card angers KOT


On Wednesday, new kid on the block Azziad Nasenya found herself trending once again after her rate card surfaced online.

In the said rate card, ms. Nasenya charges Kesh.100K for TikTok video, while for a Live session she charges Sh50K. For an Instagram post she charges Sh100K, Insta-story Sh50K and Live goes for Sh50K. This rates also apply to her other social media Pages; Twitter (Sh50K) Facebook (Sh50 & Sh100K) and YouTube.

If you are looking forward to working with the actress for a monthly brand engagement, then you need Sh500K before Azziad comes on board to help you promote your Brand.

KOT were however rubbed the wrong way with her charges and came out to attack her for what they termed as overpricing.

Another section came out to defend her saying that she has the free will to charge any amount of money because she knows her brand value.


Mwambili Mwagodi: That young kid Azziad knew her potential early and monetized it. KES 527 hashtag pushers are now hating. This is a free market. If you position yourself at 527 people will buy at 527. If you position at 50K people will buy at 50K. It’s your choice. Don’t be mad at baby girl.

Just Rioba: Mlitaka Azziad na Elsa wapate internships za kuuza mandazi instead? Shouldn’t we be happy that a 20 year old and a 19 year old know their worth? The way generation Z gets some people riled up here everyday?

Being Wesh: What’s wrong with Azziad charging these rates? I mean it is HER brand, HER work! And she is good at it. Mnataka acharge 10k? I mean have you seen what influencers in other regions charge? No wonder that vlogger chic from the U.S. said working with Kenyan brands is the ghetto.

Bravin Yuri: Azziad Nasenya Knows her Value. I keep telling people to know their value but all you say is Kazi ni kazi na pesa ni pesa. While others will make thousands and millions for the same work you do better than them, you will make hundreds or do it even free. Know you value my friend.

Crazy Nairabian: Azziad earns 100K from a single Insta post. I Lose like 5followers every time i post on my IG