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New Kisumu County Bill To Give CHVs More Powerful Roles


Kisumu County Assembly has initiated a bill that will ensure that Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) are immensely involved in matters affecting Health within the county.

The Community Health Services Bill will also ensure that all public hospitals have the required drugs and medics with its main agenda of facility improvement funds.

County Assembly Chairman Vincent Jagongo said that the initiated debate will ensure that CHVs are given first priority in matters concerning health or Level one health Care providers.

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Jagongo added that that discussion will also ensure that the CHVs are involved in all county activities.

While addressing the CHVs, he assured them that the bill shall grant power to them with or without the present county government.

“We are preparing this bill to grant you power to work even without the presence of this current county government. This is the main reason why we are formulated the bill called Community Health Services Bill. Our agenda is facility improvement fund bills,” Jagongo said.