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New videos of drunk Omosh emerge 2 days after claiming that he is broke again

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Tahidi high actor Joseph Kinuthia AKA Omosh is once again trending after video of him staggering while drunk and staggering surfaced online.

In the first video, a staggering Omosh is being helped by an unknown man out of a bar.

Omosh who can barely support himself is seen relying on the man to keep himself from falling.

The second video of drunk Omosh shows him in a bar with another man trying to clear the air on the amount of money he received from well wishers.

“I have never tasted a million shillings in my whole life. You guys think that I got a million, you are missing the point,” an intoxicated Omosh desperately tries to explain.

These two videos emerge even as Omosh claims that he is broke again despite the massive support he got from Kenyans.

Some unconfirmed reports state that Omosh and his wife are drug addicts.

On an interview with Bonga na Jalas, Omosh claimed that he was not a drug addict and that he went to rehabilitation center.


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