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Newest eyebrows in town

Newest eyebrows in town


For a long time women have battled with beauty options from hair dos to rear enlargements but this one is ridiculously crazy and cool at the same time.

The newest eye brow trend is known as squiggle brows. The eyebrows appear as a wavy line shaped on the eyebrow line.

The eyebrows are created by shaping the eyebrows with washable glue rather than the normal tweezing or plucking of eyebrows.

The squiggle eyebrow also appears as a braided wavy eyebrow, ridiculous right?

That’s not all, the same bizarre trend is taking shape with   the lips, make up experts are optimistic and think that the trend makes the lips look soft, fluffy and full.

Although the trend has not started taking shape in Kenya its only a matter of time before it is fully embraced by the internet slay queens and socialites.