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Newly launched Pumwani Maternity Hospital Human Milk Bank Registers Tremendous Progress

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Weeks after the launch of Human Milk Bank at Pumwani Maternity Hospital , the facility  can now confirm a tremendous progress in terms of milk banking and dispensation of human milk to the newborns at the nursery and the facility at large.

In an exclusive interview with Pumwani Maternity Hospital  administrator Geoffrey Mosiria, the facility is now receiving about ten litres daily of human milk from donor mothers within  Pumwani Hospital.

‘‘We are doing better , we collect  those milk from donors,screen them,test HIV and hepatitis disease, we  pasteurize them and store before feeding new borns at the nursery.’’ He said.

According to Mosiria  breastfeeding mothers  within Pumwnai who can not produce enough milk for their new borns  are also given the milk to feed their babies.

In a day close to 20 breastfeeding mothers visit  to donate  milk.

‘‘We are also  giving the human milk we collect to children homes that have requested  but we must ascertain that before we give out.’’ Mosiria added.

Neonatologist at the facility Dr. Mary Wayiego  says they are still  allowing donations within  the facility and  no breastfeeding mother is being forced to  donate the milk.


The hospital administration has also blamed Nairobi politicians who are against  Governor Mike Sonko for using the bloggers to give the progaramme negative publicity .

In his statement Mosiria blamed  particularly Peter Rugira alias IG Mau Mau for what he terms as demonising the whole programs at Pumwani maliciously.

‘‘I  want to also request political class to stop propagating propaganda against Pumwani and as as administration we are going to take legal actions against  bloggers who are being used to tint our image with lies.’’

According to Mosiria the negativity about Pumwani is being peddled using presidents’ name,Sonko and Pumwani staffs a move he say that they will not allow.

Meanwhile  Pumwani is set  to launch the out-patient services in a month’s time.


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