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News Anchor Attacked, Strangled By Thugs

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KBC News Anchor Shiksha Arora was yesterday evening attacked and strangled by some suspected thugs at the Globe Roundabout.

Arora who was headed to work for her debut at the State owned TV Channel Arora says that her side mirror was first knocked and bent backwards by the first guy.

While she was rolling down her window to adjust to check what was happening the second guy started banging her front passenger window loudly.

It is then that the third guy unlocked her car and got into the back seat.

“As I was looking to my left guy 3 slid his hand in through my window and unlocked my car, got into the back seat. Grabbed my purse and asked for my phone, at this point in time I was in panic mode, couldn’t say anything. He asked for it again and reached for my neck, strangling me,” she narrated.

She says that she desperately gasped for air and started hooting loudly in a bid to get some help.

“People started getting out of their cars and that’s when he let go and fled. He went with my purse but I am TRAUMATIZED that he attacked me,” she said.

She has advised people to not roll down their windows no matter what when on Globe Roundabout.

“I got lucky, he didn’t manage to hurt me much despite strangling my neck and getting away with my purse. I am okay but traumatized,” she said.


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