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Neymar’s Ex-girlfriend Soraja Vucelic Freaks Out After Receiving Death Threats Online

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By Wyclif Musau (Kapedo Junee)

Neymar’s Ex-Girlfriend Saroja Vucelic has been receiving death threats online

It has been reported that the 30- year-old gorgeous ex-girlfriend of Paris Saint Germain’s forward has been sent chilling death threats by a person alleged to be a prisoner

Soraja Vucelic’s luxurious car was set on fire as scared model got sickening threats on social media

The unnamed inmate had reportedly decorated his cell wall with pictures of the stunning model, cut from newspapers and magazines and he used to brag to fellow inmates about “his special relationship” with the sexy model

Saroja shows what PSG’s new boy is missing!

After he was set free, he even took his cherished collection of pictures with him.

However, when Saroja finally went public about her new romance, the ex-prisoner felt “offended.”

He began to bombard the brunette with threats and insults from different phone numbers.

Neymar Jr joined PSG last summer and he seems to be having a “perfect season”

The world’s most expensive player’s former lover, who is famous in her home country for appearing on Big Brother, even alleges that the guy has hacked all of her social media profiles.



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