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Ng’ang’a Fires Back At Media Council Over Threats To Cancel His License


Pastor James Ng’ang’a has fired back at the Media Council Of Kenya for threatening to shut down his Television Station.

The pastor says that he is only answerable to the Communications Commission of Kenya and not the Media Council of Kenya.

He has also fired at media houses discussing how other people should run their own Television stations.

“Only CAK can tell me not to air or not, these are the only people who can give me warning remove this. I have a license from CAK. Nobody can tell me what to do and I am not In control you have your manifesto with your television. If I did a mistake let CAK call me and give me a warning and will later charge no television can start discussing how to close someone’s media,” said Ng’ang’a.


Pastor Nga’ng’a argues that he only preaches the gospel and does nothing contrary to what people say.

 “Television station am not selling condoms and drugs, I am preaching the gospel and you cannot tell me the gospel I will preach or not. Let this message come to you guys wherever you are. It is too late and you won’t comment me like last time. Nimeona clips that MCK imesema they are going to deal with Sasa TV my friends you are too late because my television only deals with Christian messages,” he added.

The Media Council of Kenya had accused the pastor of violating the code of conducts of journalism.

They claimed that Ng’ang’a shows have offensive languages which are not suitable to be aired on television.