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Ngara Traders to be displaced in Fresh demolitions

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Traders of Nyayo market Ngara will once again be affected by the expansion of Jodongo road alleged to be organized by the same  private developer that they have been having boundary  disputes with.

The traders say they have had reports doing rounds that the private developer wants to expand the road so as to enable easy access to the property they are set to construct.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio Peter Juma, the secretary of the market association  says more than 300 stalls will be demolished if the roads is to be extended.

’’He wants to  extend the road so as to access  his property and he will demolish a lot of stalls if that is effected ” he said

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He is calling on Erdemann property limited, the private developer to have sit down with the traders to resolve the issue.

Juma further said Nairobi governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has agreed to compensate the traders for any property lost during the demolitions.

He added that the governor also promised to build a modernized market in the small potion that will remain for the traders.

’’ I talked to the governor via phone call and he said people will be compensated , he will build modernized stalls’’ juma said.

The traders have been having a dispute with Erdemann property limited which demolished part of the market to pave way for construction of apartments.