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Ngei Residents decry influx of sex workers in the area


A section of residents in Nairobi’s Ngei area have raised concern over the large number of sex workers in the area.

The residents claim that since the government directive to ban night club operations and the curfew was put in place, the area has witnessed a sudden emergence of sex workers.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio news, village elder D. Charles Igambo says the sex workers are even operating in the day.

“These ladies are not even obeying the curfew orders. They are even doing their businesses outside people’s houses.” He said

Igambo says the residents are more scared now because they are at risk of the novel COVID-19.

“It is sad they are going on with business as usual especially now that COVID-19 has been reported in the area. They operate the whole day even during the curfew. The police don’t even bother with them. The worst part is that they are eroding our children. They throw the condoms they use everywhere, they practice their business all over regardless of who is watching” Igambo added

The residents say they have tried reporting the matter to local authorities but nothing has been done so far.