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  • Ngesh criticized for riding a matatu.
  • The singer was spotted standing in a matatu as passengers tried to have a conversation with her.

Renowned Gengetone artist Mary Wangeci, better known by her stage name Ngesh Kaveve Kazoze has been under fire since the hitmaker was spotted using public transport.

In a video doing rounds online, the ‘Kaveve Kazoze’ hitmaker is seen standing inside a matatu as some passengers try to have a conversation with her.

The passengers behind the camera struggle for her attention each shouting
random statements at her.

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“Kazoze rada? Ongea at least…Niliacha 2mbili akikusign nini ilihappen.”

The passengers go on saying, “Come tupige selfie…Angusha mistari kazoze…Nimesubscribe we hunibamba.”

Ngesh’s video riding a matatu has been received with mixed reactions from both her fans and fellow celebrities.

Read some of the comments down below:

Sparkie Ke: Why do you want to pressure this young lady and yet she hasn’t made it in life

Nasra Yusuff: Invading her privacy, this is why I chose not to be famous

Lennie: It’s normal though. Why are they making a huge deal out of it?

Sammie Kioko: She is just okay. Minimal pressure✌🏾.

DjBecky254:😂😂😂Mi ushindwa ni nini mbaya na kupanda mat kwani😂😂si Bora mtu afike ama?

From Ngesh’s incident, what is your view on celebrities using public means of transport after their rise to fame? Feel free to drop a comment.

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