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Ngina Kenyatta Trolled By KOT Courtesy of Her Twitter Account Impostor


ngina3Have you ever searched a famous’ person on social media platforms search engines only to end up confused which account might be genuine??? The confusing million accounts from the original are known as second hand celebrity accounts and they are same handles used to extort money from fans.

Some of these secondhand celebrity handles can be harmless and purely created for the love of the particular celebrity. However,some can be malicious and land our poor public figures into hot soup.

For Instance, ignorant KOT members took a troll on Uhuru Kenyatta’s daughter after her impersonator posted a lot of negative instincts regarding the ongoing Miguna Miguna debate.

“Time to get rid of the johos, kideros, rasangas, ‘the tired old & compromised’ to chair council of elders #MigunaMiguna #JKL” read a tweet.

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“If #MigunaMiguna was my lecturer i would attend classes 100% Hitting the nail on the head. #JKL @JeffKoinangeLive,”read another,something that harshly put her on the receiving end.

It later emerged that the account didn’t bare a “blue tick” like most verified celebrity accounts on Twitter and Instagram hence wasn’t hers.

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