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Nicola Traldi Wants Apology From Chantal and Eric Omondi


Nicola Traldi claims that he wants an apology from estranged girlfriend Chantal Grazziola and Eric Omondi.

This comes after Traldi and Chantal were involved in an ugly incident of domestic violence which eventually got Chantal’s ex boyfriend, Eric Omondi caught up in the mess.

The comedian posted a video showing a bruised and bleeding Chantal suggesting that she was suffering domestic abuse in the hands of Nicola and captioned it, “Any man who puts his hands on a woman is a COWARD!!! Nicola Traldi is a coward. He is weak and insecure.”

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Nicola was eventually arrested and arraigned in court where he denied the allegations filed against him and even claimed that Chantal and Eric were framing him.

A month after the drama, Nicola has revived the incident whereby he responded to a fan during a Q&A session on Instagram where he was asked whether he had apologized to Chantal yet, which he responded saying that it should be him getting an apology.

“Dude did you apologize to Chantal? Reads the question sticker and Traldi’s response was “It’s the other way round.”

By Stella Anyango.


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