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Nigerian Cyber Crime Fraudster Hushpuppi Pleads Guilty


Flamboyant Nigerian cyber fraud mastermind Raymond Igbalodely commonly referred to as Hushpuppi has entered into a guilty plea before a Us Court.

Hushpuppi who also went by the name ‘Gucci Lord’ lived on the first lane showcasing a life of grandeur and opulence to his more than 2.5 million followers on Instagram.

He posed as a successful businessman with interests in real estate whilst in real sense he was involved in cyber theft, he would create multiple fake accounts and websites of multinationals and shoot emails to their clients with payments being made to the accounts he provided thus earning money he never toiled for.

He became an instagram sensation with his love for the finer things in life from traveling to exotic places in chartered planes, driving the most expensive cars like the Bugatti and Rolls-Royce to dressing designer outfits.

With the money in plenty also came pride, he would pick arguments with local celebrities terming them broke.Artiste’s like KCee and Phyno are some of his victims, he hit at the two Naija artist’s for wearing fake watches.

“If you don’t want people to pirate your music just don’t wear fake watches” Hushpuppi had hit them,it created bad blood between them leading to Phyno releasing a diss song “Telli Person” directed to Hushpuppi, the song paints a picture of a showy person with no known source of income.

He also had other artists who adored him and partied hard with him.

 Singer Wizkid, Mr P(Paul Okoye) formerly of P Square and Davido are some of the stars who showed their allegiance to Hushpuppi,during his many outings he would rain dollars without blinking an eye.


What he never knew was that the Police in Dubai were on his trail in a bid to un earth his source of wealth and come July 2020 he was nabbed together with his gang.

Dozens of computers he was using in his syndicate were seized in his apartment together with huge sums of money proceeds from his dealings.

He was handed over to the FBI who extradited him to the Us to face money laundering charges.He who laughs last, laughs the most as the old adage goes, Musician Phyno is seen to have won the spat with Hushpuppi after his arrest.

With him entering the guilty plea he risks to spending upto twenty years behind bars.


Written By Steve Osaka.