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Nigerian Musicians Relying On Kenyans To Make Their Songs Hit, Says Otile

Kenyan musicians Otile Brown now claims that Nigerian muscians are relying on Kenyans to make their songs hit.

According to Otile, Nigerian musicians are spending huge amounts of money to get play time on Kenyan radio stations.

According to Otile many Nigerian songs have failed to hit until Kenyans pick them on tiktok.

Kenya is the hub of music in the world, people do not even know. Kuna wimbo ngapi za Nigeria zimetoka na zinadrag until Kenya picks it, when Kenya picks it on tik tok, know that is a global hit, we just do not know the power that we have. That is why unaona Nigerians are really spending money on rotations huku Kenya in our radio stations, ADS, when you go to youtube you cannot even watch anything before you see a Nigerian song as an Ad running ,” Otile said.

He advised Kenyans to also start appreciating their artists and the country’s culture.

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 “We are very big and we love people but it is just that sometimes people are very selfish out there, hudhamini culture yenyu na kupenda watu wenyu. I feel like when we are looked in i man tukiweka hii kitu hapa nyumbani, i feel like watu wengi wanaweza benefit. I feel like there will be more artists and they will have a huge team na at the end of the day kila mtu anapata mtu kitu yake,” he added.

By: Emmaline Owuor