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“Nikapata hio chance naweza furahi sana” Moya on performing for new president


Dancer Moya David says that he would not mind performing a surprise dance to whoever will be declared  the fifth president of the republic of Kenya once the Supreme Court gives out its final ruling.

Speaking in an interview after landing from Dubai where he had been booked to go and perform at a birthday party, Moya says that it is something he is looking forward to and that he would give his best performance incase he is booked to do so.

“Nikapata hio chance naweza furahi sana. That’s why I’m back because you never know when such an opportunity can come by,” says Moya.

Moya says that he is open to bookings from whoever will be declared president and acknowledges that he is not affiliated to any political party and that it will just be a performance like any other.

“ You know I can’t take sides na nikiitwa nisurprise whoever will be declared president, I’ll go and do it gladly,” he adds.

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A few days ago while Kenyans were waiting for the 2022 presidential election results a section of netizens came up with fun suggestions on how the IEBC could declare the winner.

One of the ideas proposed was to have Moya David deliver the news to the winner through a surprise dance, an idea that he seconded.

“Kama ni ngumu kutangaza IEBC watume Moya David aende kusuprise the winner tutajulia huko TikTok,” read the proposal. He in turn responded saying, “Me chilling in Dubai then boom! Duty calls. I’m more than ready, this was a good one,” Moya wrote.

The proposal to have him surprise the winner came at a time when the TikToker has gained popularity for his viral dance surprise videos which has seen him get bookings to surprise people abroad.

He has a large Tik Tok following of over Ksh. 3.5 Million and is among the Kenyans with the most followers on that platform.

By Stella Anyango


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