• Comedian Mulamwah confirms that he is still a single man.
  • He reveals that the Valentine’s day photoshoot with Ruth K was for Showbiz and that they are not lovers but just good friends.
  • According to the comedian, he would never allow his lover to get so cozy with their male friends.

Comedian David Oyando commonly known as Mulamwah has denied being in a relationship with singer and content creator Ruth K.

This comes just days after hinting otherwise in a photoshoot he did with the lady on Valentine’s day.

In a short interview Mulamwah mentions that he is still single confirming that Ruth K is just a good friend.

“Umeoa ama uko soko,” which he responds saying, “inategemea nani anauliza (laughs) depends…lakini mimi niko soko by the way.”

He further explains that the Valentine’s day photoshoot with Ruth K was just for showbiz and that Ruth belongs to another man.

The surprising bit is that Ruth K’s boyfriend is one of Mulamwah’s friends!

“Ule wa mambo ya Valentine’s alikuwa bestie. Ule ni beste yangu damu. Ata chali yake ni beste yangu. Hio ni sinema, show biz lazima.”

When asked how he would handle a similar situation whereby one of his closest friends would get cozy with his girl, he commented saying he would never tolerate such.

“Kwa sasa sina mtu…lakini angekuwa siwezi kubali.”


The duo made headlines on Valentine’s Day as they both shared a video where they not only embraced cozily but also shared a passionate kiss.

Taking to their Instagram pages, they publicly expressed their affection for each other in cute messages.

“Every time spent together is always treasured, the laughter, good memories and tears shed together in those dark days.watching you winning big in life is always my answered prayer. To the strongest and loving person i know happy valentinesI will always chose you if asked to.Besties forever @mulamwah” wrote Ruth.
The comedian also replied to her saying, “To di moon en back happy vals bestie” replied Mulamwah.

By Stella Anyango

February 21, 2023

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