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“Nilikatiwa na Pastor” Rapper Noti Flow exposes her Pastor


Rapper Natalie Kutoto popularly known as Noti Flow has revealed why she quit going to Church despite being raised in a strict Christian home.

In a recent interview, Noti Flow revealed that she actually used to attend service every Sunday but stopped after her pastor made a pass at her.

The rapper also revealed that the said pastor was married and that really brought down her belief in Churches.

“Yes I’m a Christian, I pray but I don’t really go to church. I pray every day. Churches nowadays especially this Nairobi ones are fake. I find it hard to trust them especially pastors because nimewai katiwa na pastor mwenye watu walikuwa wanaamini kabisa. First of all he had a wife and everyone thought he was holy and all. I was a bit younger and this is the first time I’m speaking about it coz I didn’t want to ruin his reputation” she said

Noti who is a former Politician’s daughter revealed that her mother is a pastor but she still does not believe in Churches.