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“Nimepigwa Nikafanana na Mimi” Karen Nyamu Accuses Samidoh Of Assaulting Her


City lawyer Karen Nyamu has accused her baby daddy Samidoh of physically assaulting her and smashing her phone.

Nyamu in a live Instagram broadcast accused Samidoh of assaulting her when she is just three months pregnant.

According to Nyamu Samidoh suspected that she was having an affair with another man.

Nimepigwa nikafanana na mimi yaani… Manywele zangu zimetolewa… You guys and am just three months pregnant.

Yaani sisi madem tunakuwanga washenzi sana. Kinajua niko na ball halafu kinakuja… yaani we have to teach these violent guys a lesson,” she further stated.

The mother of two says that the incident left her daughter devastated.

According to Nyamu, her current pregnancy is still Samidoh’s.

“Huyo mwanaume ni mfertile… yeah watoto ni blessings, nitalea..Love ni stupid… someone told him that I was still in Mombasa with a man… kwani colleagues wangu wote ni wanawake?,” she posed.

She has stated that she will make a formal report to the police about the incident.


I must make a report and we must make this a lesson for all men who think they can beat women and get away with it… Look at my phone… amechapisha phone yangu kwa bathroom ni kama simu iko na makosa,” she said.

Nyamu and Samidho have had a back and forth relationship with the latter publicly apologiusing to his wife after the affair with Nyamu.

Samidoh however stated that his relationship with Nyamu was a one time mistake and that he will take care of their child.

“”I am sorry! I have put my family and myself in a bad situation. It is true I had a friendship with Ms. Karen Nyamu and its this involvement that led to the birth of an innocent child whom I have and will always support both emotionally and materially,” he said.