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“Nisaidieni Kuni”- News anchor Linda Ogutu lights up twitter


KTN News anchor Linda Oguttu got more than she bargained for from her twitter followeres on Wednesday.

The news anchor has been a trending topic since her tweet asking for firewood because of the cold went viral.

“Mtu anisaidie na kuni imekauka kapsaaaa…. Hi baridi makaa na heater haziwezi…” she wrote

Her fans read too much into her post and rushed to give her some cheeky replies.

According to some of the comments, her fans decided to interpret the term ‘kuni’ using the slang meaning (Manhood) rather than the conventional one.

Read some of the comments below:

@clementsang Replying to @lindahoguttu

“Kuni ”

The meaning is different during the day and the nigh

Nelson Havi, Replying to @lindahoguttu

Be careful Nyako, you may be misunderstood and put yourself and others in profound peril. Speaking for the dried firewood suppliers

Jack Letangule @JLetangule

Tuko na kuni zimekauka kabisa. We’re not mean with them

Philip Etale


Replying to @lindahoguttu

KUNI… katika mktadha upi?

Bob Ikunda (Puma™)

‏Replying to @lindahoguttu

‘Kuni imekauka kapsaaaa’…I believe thousands of men are flooding your inbox…

We choose it’s literal meaning not the conventiona