Tanzanian singer Rayavnny has dubbed his latest video ‘Nitongoze’ as the most expensive one he has ever done.

The video featuring Diamond Platnumz is estimated to have cost him Tsh.500 million which is equivalent to approximately  Ksh.26,609,898.88.

According to the Next Level Music boss, he hired more than 200 actors who were dressed in black suits for the Nitongoze video.

He claims he splashed at least Tsh. 40, 000, 000 (Ksh.2,128,791) on the suits the cast for his video wore.


The singer released the song a few days ago and has been sharing behind the scenes of making the video.

He has also shared that it cost him Tsh200,000  (Ksh10, 643) to make each suit.

In a conversation with his director, Rayvanny discloses that he was very willing to part with that much money to create the vision he had in mind for the music video.

Here is how the conversation went down:

CONVERSATION : #RAYVANNY : Nataka watu zaidi ya 200
#IVAN DIRECTOR Wamepatikana
#RAYVANNY : Wote wavae suti
#IVAN : Jamaa wanasema Suti Moja
Laki Mbili , Itawezekana ???

😂😂😂😂😂 Kuna Muda Wanyaki ni kama wahaya tu #NITONGOZE OUT NOW WORLDWIDE

The Nitongoze video has so far accumulated over a million views on YouTube since its release.

By Stella Anyango

January 26, 2023

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