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Njiru chief being fought by politicians, Nyumba Kumi leaders over project


Nairobi’s Njiru residents   have  warned the area politicians and Nyumba Kumi leaders against frustrating the area chief whom they say is working transparently by involving  members of the  community in every project.

The residents claim that the politicians and Nymba Kumi leaders are pushing for the area chiefs transfer after she locked them out of the Kazi Mtaani and World Food program initiatives.

‘‘She has been helpful to the whole community  especially youths ,she ensured  Kazi Mtaani project recruitment are fair and transparent, and also donations from WFP were distributed perfectly. A section of politicians now want her out because their interests were not effected,’’ Vincent Ooko one of the resident told Ghetto Radio News.

They accused area  politicians for engineering her tranfer  so that they can revert to their older ways of using chiefs to advance their political mileage.

‘‘No youth will suffer again in their hands and Dr. Kibicho should come out  and protect his officers from working under the mercy of politicians and Nyumba Kumi. In Njiru things are now organised and community members  are happy,’’ he added.