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Njiru Residents Decry Rising Cases Of Mugging In the Area


Residents of Naidai area in Njiru area lamenting the deteriorating state of insecurity in the area brought about by power black out.

The residents claim that some people have ended up dead following the increasing cases of muggings that have rocked the area since Kenya Power cut off power in the area.

“We are suffering in the hands of these muggers, we have lost phones and money in the hands of these muggers some of us have even died,” cried a resident.

They claim that the muggers have taken advantage of the lack of power in the area to commit their heinous crimes.

“We have tried to talk to the OCS at the Twiga Police Post to help address the power and insecurity issue to no success. The OCS has refused to listen to us, ” cried another residents.

The residents want the muggers to be brought to book and power restored in the area to salvage the situation.