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Njiru Residents Languishing In A Four Day Power Blackout


Njiru residents and businessmen are counting losses following a power blackout that has been in the area for the past four days.

This follows an operation on illegal power connections conducted by Kenya Power officials last week.

According to the residents, they have incurred very many losses since most of their small businesses rely on electricity.

“We know Uhuru’s government promotes youth and small entrepreneurs who are this car wash, stores and Vegetables vendors with their lights off. They need to get back to work,” said one of the residents.

“We want to be helped by our leaders. Where are they? Because Kenya Power has disconnected power because of its powers. We need to be helped,” he further cried.

Kenya Power has been conducting a countrywide campaign to identify and get rid of illegally connected power lines.

This is in line with its initiative to curb illegal electricity connections and enhance efficiency in the distribution.

According to Kenya Power system losses have been costing Kenyans an additional Sh1.7billion annually Largely owing to illegal electricity connections, meter bypassing and meter tampering.


Earlier this year, Kenya Power revealed that In the full year ending June 2020, the total losses stood at 24.7 per cent.

“We have seen a rise in the number of electrical accidents occasioned by illegal power lines, notably in informal settlements. Illegal connections cause concerns since they do not adhere to global standards,” said Benard Ngugi, the previous Kenya Power managing director in an earlier Interview.

The illegal distribution of electricity is allegedly done by organized gangs who collect fees from residents and businesses through well-run extortion rings.

Through the cartels, wires are placed under the ground, through walls, and over roofs to connect shacks.

Fire incidents due to electric failures have led to loss of property and sometimes lives.