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Njoki Chege is a single mum who cannot keep a man – DJ Mo

Njoki Chege is a single mum who cannot keep a man - DJ Mo

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                                                                                                                        By Annette Amondi

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Gospel DJ,Dj Mo fired shots at Nation’s columnist Njoki Chege following her weekend article that critisized his marriage

In the article, Njoki Chege had called out DJ Mo for thinking that he is God’s gift to women.This was after DJ Mo claimed in a recent interview that he had put Size 8 through several tests before he married her.

The tests included cleaning Dj Mo’s house in Zimerman, washing after him and even lending him money.

Njoki Chege was not pleased with how the Dj had portrayed the matter and in return fired shots at him saying Dj Mo has a flawed view on Marriage.


Image result for DJMO and Njoki ChegeDj Mo then took to social media to attack Njoki saying ”

“Someone tell Njoki Chege (have never heard about before )we are happily married and we are fine hahahahahaha- my wife Is a queen and I TREAT HER LIKE ONE – my WIFE LOVED ME WHEN I WAS AND HAD NOTHING so stop twisting the whole thing for relevance,” Dj Mo wrote.

He went on to ask the writer to stop seeking attention in return for a few coins.

“Njoki you she need to look for attention somewhere else – Am one Christian you can’t “Tisha “with your articles ” I pray for you to get married and please come for some marriage tips & advices . ati I apologize – who made you the chair lady in the counsel of apologies enemy of progress,” He added.

As if that was not enough Dj Mo took to the comment section on the same post to imply that he heard the columnist was a single mom who could not keep a man.

Image result for DJMO and Njoki Chege
Image result for DJMO and Njoki Chege

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