Njugush Fans Roast Juacali

In summary
•Juacali receives backlash from Njugush fans even after sending an apology
•Juacali had stated that Njugush isn’t funny when it comes to stand up comedy

Pioneer genge star, Paul Nunda popularly known as Juacali found himself in the receiving end as fans of Njugush ganged up in putting him in his right place even after the former had apologized to Njugush for his earlier statement.

The utu uzima rapper had alleged in his remarks that Njugush wasn’t funny as far as stand up comedy is concerned.

Due to the tension that was fast building up,Juacali crafted an apology message towards Njugush and his fans while acknowledging the latter’s efforts in the industry as well as foreseeing his eventual growth.

“Fans wa Njugush na Njugush poleni sana kama tweet ya jana ilicome out harsh hio haikua intention napenda skits za Njugush 🔥🔥ni vile tu standup ni ballgame ingine noma but polepole with practice NJUGUSH will become one of the Greats” stated Juacali partly

Still,Njugush fans would hear none of it as they sent expletives at the rapper.

We sampled a few of them below.

“Wewe unaweza jaza KICC kwanza ama utakazana utakazana utakazana🎶🎶juu hiyo ndio unajua pekee.Hebu tunyamazie hujui mahali tumetoka na Njugush wewe” read one comment

“Enda ukaskie vibaya na huko😏😏” flew another comment

“Sasa si mtu amshow pia yeye polepole with practice ataacha kuandika nursery school rhymes” appeared another comment

However, there were those who showed support for Juacali maintaining that standup comedy wasn’t Njugush’s thing.

“Kweli ule msee si comedian” wrote one fan

“Njugush ako sawa kwa skits ukweli lakini kwa stand up apo tusichochane” wrote a second fan

“But he makes a lot of sense,he said the truth” appeared another comment

Njugush further received support from his standup counterparts such as Nasra Yusuf and Alex Mathenge,Singer Bien also took Njugush’s side among others.

This is the first time Juacali has penned an apology after finding himself in a tight spot.

Previously ,Juacali refused to apologize to football star, Michael Olunga after maintaining that the latter scores many goals in the Arab league due to playing with unskilled opponents.

By Steve Osaka.

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