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NMS On The Spot Over Piling Garbage In The CBD

The Nairobi Metropolitan Services is on the spot once again over the garbage menace that has recently hit several parts of the CBD.

A spot check conducted by Ghetto Radio reveals heaps of garbage lying uncollected in the CBD and even in estates close to the CBD like Ziwani.

Traders plying their trades claim that the garbage menace has cost them their businesses.

“This garbage has been here for around two weeks now and it is really inconveniencing us and our customers. Especially now with the rain, sometimes you find that the garbage flows and blocks the road. This discourages a lot of customers from coming into the market which is bad for business,” said Faith a hawker in Muthurwa Market.

Faith says that the heaps of garbage not only make their environment difficult to operate in but also pollutes the air they breathe.

“It makes the area very hard to operate in because even the air we breathe is now polluted. The flowing water picks some of the garbage making the area dangerous for us and even our children,” added Faith.

Wahome an ornaments trader at Ngara Bridge now want NMS to ensure that garbage is collected at least two times in a week.

“Trucks just come and dump the garbage here and sometimes it is left untouched for even three weeks. All we can do is urge the government to at least ensure the garbage is collected at least twice a week to ensure that the environment is suitable for business operations and just basic living,” said Wahome.

By Jack Odongo