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NMS to conduct second test run on Green Park Terminus today


The Nairobi Metropolitan Services is set to do a second test run of the Green Park Terminus today as from 4:00pm to 8:00pm.

The drop off and pick up of passengers is a follow up of a previous one which was conducted on PSV vehicles last month.

The Green Park Terminus is expected to reduce congestion in town by relocating the PSV vehicles using the Nairobi Central Station to the new terminus.

On Wednesday the NMS Director-General Major General Mohamed Badi issued a public notice to informing the Public on the test run.

The NMS director also informed the public through the notice that the Green Park Terminus near completion.

“The notice therefore informs the general public that all the PSV vehicles operating in the Nairobi Central station frontage will do a test run of picking and dropping passengers at the Green Park terminus on Friday, May 28, 2021 between 4am and 8pm,” read in part the notice.

The notice also added that after the 3-hour test run, the pick up and drop off will continue at the normal post.

“Thereafter, normal PSV pick up and drop off operations will continue from the Nairobi Railway Station frontage until further notice,” added the notice.

During the first test run, passengers did not agree with where the terminus was considering the fact that they hard to walk for a long distance to reach their destination.

Drivers on the other hand claimed that the terminus is good for drop off but they do not know where to pick their passengers.

The NMS general however said that the first test run was good and it helped them identify the challenges that they needed to rectify.