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NMS told to stop threatening matatu operators with eviction from CBD


Matatu Owners Association (MOA) has told Nairobi Metropolitan Services Bos General Mohamed Badi to stop threatening matatu operators with reports on media outlets about eviction from the CBD.

MOA Chairman Simon Kimutai says that they are yet to receive any official communication from Badi about removing matatus from the CBD.

“Badi is yet to give us any official communication. We are all reading those reports in the media like everyone else,” said Kimutai.

Kimutai says that they are also business people who are generating revenue for Nairobi County and that they should be treated with decorum.

According to Kimutai, Badi is yet to put enough measures to warrant him to remove matatus from the CBD.

“And while the y are trying to de-congest the CBD, they should also try and find amicable solutions for matatu operators. because we are also at work and we have paid our licenses and we are also remitting taxes like any other business person,” said Kimutai,

Last week matatu operators from Jogoo Road lamented being barred to enter the CBD by alleged officials from NMS.

They claimed that the Muthurwa Bus terminus was not complete and could not accommodate them all.