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No Man In Mathare Wants To Date Me After My Husband Was Shot Dead By Police


By Claret Adhiambo

A group of women from across Nairobi have come out to painfully share the losses of their loved ones in the brutal hands of trigger happy police officers.

Jackline Wambui from Mathare slums says she allegedly lost her husband in the hands of a known rogue police officer operating within Eastleigh and Mathare known as Rashid.

Wambui says her husband was shot dead by Rashid on February 2017 when she was eight months, two weeks pregnant with her baby.

She painfully narrates how the feared Rashid came to a joint, picked up her husband and shot him dead. The killing sparked demonstrations by area residents, but nothing was done.

Wambui says that her husband’s death affected her pregnancy, made her blood pressure go up and that during delivery time, her mother was told to make a choice to either save her or the baby.

She says that the death of her husband completely changed her life, it plunged her into ridicule and stigmatization among her fears.

“They told me that my pregnancy came with a bad omen and that’s why my husband died when i was heavily pregnant. It’s been three years after my husband died and no man in Mathare wants to go out with me because of the bad omen narrative,” narrates Wambui.

Wambui says life has never been the same for her. She says Rashid has reportedly harassed her several times for speaking out about her husband’s death.

“He has come looking for me several times because i spoke about the killings to BBC news, at one point, he even stormed my house hoping he will find me to no avail,” she narrates.

Wambui says she always has to walk looking over her head because she doesn’t know when the rogue cop will pounce on her.

Esther Njuguna from Mwiki says her 18 year old son was shot dead in Mwiki Kasarani during the demonstrations over bad roads.

She says that her son Steven Njuguna was her last born and was waiting to join University only for his life to be cut short.

“Until date, i receive messages from prospect universities asking me to take my son for admission. His death devastated me and it has taken me a lot of time to be able to speak out,” narrated Njuguna.

Mathare Social Justice on Monday held a counselling session and training for the women who have lost their loved ones in extra judicial killings.

“We from time to time engage with counselors to counsel the victims, because some of them apart from just losing their loved ones, they were denied a decent burial,” Martin Mavejina.

So far 30 cases involving the officer calling himself Hessy have been forwarded to IPOA. Those linked to Ahmed Rashid are more than 30