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No More Sponsorship As Huddah Lands Two New Legit Jobs (Pics)

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huda6Kenyans will never mind their business especially in this social media era. They see you rolling around balling whilst not in any kind of employment whatsoever and you  immediately become a member of the illuminati or worse so if you are a lady,then you must be dishing the goody between your legs to roll it that large.

Amongst the public figures that have faced the above allegations is petite socialite Huddah Monroe. She has faced cyber bullying for the longest time ever despite trying to be polite and real to the public eye. Huddah’s source of income has been the main thing to be precise. Just because she calls herself a ” boss chick”  with no University degree or any  lucrative job in the past ,Huddah was branded a  high end prostitute who flies to posh destinations to dish out her flesh. Poor child. I’d have committed suicide if i was in her shies. She is such a strong spirit i must say.

So to put all these rumors to rest,Huddah just revealed her new job. “The secret to my Skin” started as an Instagram teaser and before we knew it,Huddah was just declared the East African Brand Ambassador for “BrightenMi” a cosmetic company that deals with skin products.

As if that wasn’t enough,Huddah is working with another company, “Divalenohair” which precisely deals with high quality human hair wigs. She says she is a Brand Ambassador in the making for the same.

Well,haters….. I wonder where you will hide your faces having being slapped with this reality. Huddah is turning her ever tarnished reputation clean with her latest moves. She was even featured as an actress along Nigerian popular actor Mike Ezu,in the upcoming movie “Brother Jekwu”.

She even cancelled all shows booking since March to August this year to pave space for other more important things like this Brand Ambassadors endorsements.

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