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“No reunion for Camp Mulla”- says Camp Mulla’s Miss Karun


By Annette Amondi

After getting their fans hopes high, hip hop group Camp Mulla may just be done with for good.

Camp Mulla attempted a comeback last year with a surprise performance at The Wave concert where Nigerian artiste Tekno Miles was the main act.

Having split for a few years now to focus on solo careers, their appearance on stage was the  highlight of the night.

Speaking on Instagram using the new viral questioning extension, Karun said that the group is not thinking of a reunion since some members have changed.

“Putting four heads together isn’t always smooth sailing. Especially when you’ve all grown so much. Just listen to our recent music, and you’ll see how each of us has grown so much in our own direction. We’re really sorry that the fans had to go through that “we’re back. No JK we’re not” situation. We really tried to work these past couple of months, and unfortunately it turned out to not be the best fit for all of us,” she said