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Nollywood Actor reveals upcoming actresses steal panties for rituals


Nollywood actor Uche Maduagwu has revealed a shocking vice taking place in Africa’s biggest movie production industry.

The actor took to social media to reveal that there is a trend of Upcoming actresses stealing their colleagues undergarments for rituals.

“Omg, actresses now steal “pants” on movie location for evil money and fame purposes… You won’t believe what is going on now in Nollywood, God help us. Why should an upcoming actress steal another actresses “pant”, only for her to tie a snail around it and about to run away with it? Do we now have “Yahoo gals actresses” in Nollywood? Honestly, if someone had said this UGLY and disgusting trend will happen in Nollywood 10 years ago, I’ll disagree, but see what is happening? Why are some actresses trying to rubbish the image of this acting profession all because of quick money and fame?” he said

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The actor went on to reveal that even some upcoming actresses with potential have fallen victim to the vice.

“It is not restricted to popular actresses alone, even the upcoming actresses do this because everyone wants to ‘blow’  I learnt that they take the pants to somewhere in Ibadan and shortly after, the popular actress would ‘blow’ because they would be getting more money after the rituals.” He added

The said some actresses are forced to steal the panties by their boyfriend who also believe they can “make it” after the rituals.

“However, it is a two-way thing; the brazen actresses could steal three pants and give two of them to their ‘yahoo boyfriends’, while the lily-livered ones would give all the pants to their boyfriends. I was shocked to learn about this but I was told that the story is only within the circle of actresses in Nollywood and it is really going on now,” he added