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Nominated MCA Mary Ariviza Condemns Kawangware Killings

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Nominated MCA Mary Ariviza has condemned the killing of two young men in Nairobi’s Kawangware area by the police last week.

Ariviza claims that the two young men were shot dead in cold blood by the police on allegations that they were thugs.

According to the MCA the shooting happened even after the two had surrendered and raised their hands in the air.

“If they are criminals, find ways of subduing them like shooting them on the legs and arresting them. A young man cannot surrender to the police, raise his hands and still have the police kill him, this is wrong,” said Ariviza.

“These two young men were killed by the police past 4 am. The curfew ends at 4 am and knowing how hard life is, young people are footing from Kawangware to Marikiti in a bid to earn a living,” she stated.


She has urged the police to stop the extrajudicial killings that risk swiping the entire generation of young men.

“The young men are talking very bitterly about the killings. They fear for their lives and feel that they risk getting murdered just by the virtue of being young men,” she said.

“We do not want Kenya to be like America where young black men are losing their lives daily to the police,” she said.

The MCA wants the Independent Policing Oversight Authority to also look into the issue.

“Now IPOA and all the other relevant bodies must look into these issues, otherwise we risk having a nation with a swept out generation of young men,” said Ariviza.



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