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Non-formal schools in Mathare at risk of being swept out over coronavirus

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Schools offering Alternative of Basic Education and Training (APBET) in Mathare slums are now at risk of being swept out after several of them were closed due to Covid-19.

Linnet Lugadiru a teacher at Upendo Education Center one of the APBET schools in Huruma, Ngei ward says that most of APBET Proprietors have been unable to pay rent following closure of schools due to Covid-19.

APBET schools are government  licensed institutions offering educational needs of children who are unable to joing formal educational institutions.

“APBET Schools are schools in plots and estates that are paying rents to landlords. During this period of Covid-19, we experienced a lot of challenges, I know of fellow teachers whose schools have been shut down and turned to rentals because they could not afford rent,” said Lugadiru.

Lugadiru says that over 150,000 children in Mathare slums attend APBET Schools a compared to the 24,000 pupils attending private schools.

“The population of pupils in Mathare slums is big, they cannot fit in public schools, these APBET schools have helped a lot in urban slums by giving education to those who are not able to access them,” she said.

In March this year before the coronavirus pandemic the Ministry of Education launched guidelines to provide for registration and regulation of APBET Schools.

MOE also pledged to give funding to the schools that have complied with the guidelines.



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