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Nonini Furious Over Artists’ Low Royalty Payment

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Pioneer Genge artiste Hubert Nakitare commonly known as Nonini is a disgruntled man after receiving his low royalty from the CMO’s(PRISK & KAMP) mandated for collection of the revenue on behalf of artists.

Taking to Instagram the ‘Manzi Wa Nairobi’ rapper registered his disappointment over the poor management and subsequent wrangles leading to artist’s being swindled of their hard earned money.

“So Artists in Kenya leo wamepata Ksh 1900 from PRISK& about Ksh 3000 from KAMP we are still awaiting MCSK to drop the bombshell then i have been informed that Kecobo has reported 44 million that was set aside for royalty distribution was withdrawn by MCSK,” wrote Nonini.

He was further saddened by the allegations of a leading media company (Royal Media) making away with a big chunk of the money, 60 million together with the system provider for CMO’s which demanded 80 million in payment of a mere software.

“In the backdrop of Royal Media disappearing with over 60 million of our revenue and a systems provider for CMO’S demanding 80 million payment for a software?” wondered Nonini in part of his argument.

Nonini couldn’t comprehend how two organizations could gang up with dubious means milking the artist’s dry for a period of two years.

“Yaani two organizations will go with 140million while each artist is being paid 2000 after two years?” quipped the Genge Star.

He called for unity and sobering up from the creatives in a bid to righting the wrongs witnessed.

“Let that sink in… Join@creativesocietyofkenya” He added.His rant did not stop there, on facebook he shared a screenshot of his payment from KAMP and termed it a joke.

“What a joke ??? PGT2X8RUM Confirmed. You have received Ksh 3,256.00 from KENYA ASSOCIATION OF MUSIC PRODUCERS KAMP 570607 on 29/7/21 at 1:08PM New M-PESA balance is Ksh 3,256.00.Separate personal and business funds through pochi la Biashara on *334#”.


As usual many joined in on the conversation and shared their views on the comments section.

“Bottom up economy,” fired one user.

Aanother user reminded him to be greatful for the little rather than ending up empty handed.

 “Heri nusu Shari kuliko Shari kamili… Wengine hawapati Kabisa”read the comment.Will artist’s ever get a loyal body that caters for their needs?


 Written By Steve Osaka.


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